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CLT Essentials

Travel Insurance - I use AXA who are amazing and speedy with claims (I've claimed before and they are quick) Annual world wide cover.

Also check with your bank what insurances they have.

Phone - An additional travel phone if travelling solo and your name is Lea who has unfortunate events with phones when travelling.

Power bar - Anker is my go to

Neck Pillow - Love my Cabeau

Eye Mask - God send especially if your sharing a room, free from BA airline lol, nothing fancy!

Travel is my LOVE language T-shirt -

Scarf - This is a must for me, I'm always cold on planes!

Currency/Card - Get yourself a card that doesn't charge international fees, I use the Clarity credit card with Halifax.

Satin bonnet - I also bring a satin scarf to protect my curly fro


A sense of adventure and willingness to try something new, whether that be food, experience or making a new friend!

None of these items are sponsored or Ads, they are items I use whilst travelling, tried and tested and very happy with :)

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