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Curly Hair 101

Are you new to embracing your natural hair?

Heat damaged? Colour damaged?

Like myself, I’ve been there and what I’ve learnt on my journey so far are the following?

Hair type:

The first, knowing your hair porosity.

Image source: Pintrest

This will help you figure out what hair products work best for your hair.

Another method that some curlies do is figure their hair type, which vary from:

Wavy (loose curl pattern)



Kinky (tight curl pattern)

I personally go by my hair porosity.

Getting into a hair routine:

Wash day, this is the day you wash your hair and can include the following:

· Pre- poo

· Co-wash

· Wash, condition and deep conditioning

This can be done on a weekly/bi weekly/monthly routine to restore your hair back to health.


· Shampoo

· Conditioner

· Deep conditioner

· Leave-in conditioner

· Cream/butters

· Gel

· Oil

Ideally use products without the below:

Sulphates - As they strip the hair from its natural oils

Silicones - This can coat the hair follicles stopping moisture from getting to the hair strands

Parabens – Can be drying and cause frizz

This can be trial and error and you’ll quickly realise you’ve become a ‘product junkie’ which curly girl hasn’t got an extensive product stash of all the above.

Hair goals:

Setting your hair goals is an exciting part of the journey with the key thing of not COMPARING to others and instead being inspired and that PATIENCE is KEY!! 100%

Building your curly community, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn tips and tricks from others and cheer each other on..Share the curl love and follow @curl_lea_travel

Hair tools:

· Wide tooth comb

· Shampoo brush

· Spray bottle

· Detangle brush or use fingers to detangle

· Denman brush

· Afro comb

· Wooden brush

· Diffuser

· Shower cap/Heat cap

Hair care:

Getting a trim/hair cut as often as advised by your hairdresser or hair needs.

Protective styles:

· Braids

· Plaits

· Twists

· Bun

Hair Accessories:

· Hair bands (loads of them because they always go missing)

· Hair pins again loads as these get lost!!

· Hair clips helps keep hair in place also can be used to create volume when drying

· Micro fibre towel or T-shirt to dry your hair with

· Pillow case (silk or satin)

· Bonnet (silk or satin)

· Head scarf (silk or satin) @sewingbylea


What hair products do you use?

My staple products are Shea moisture JBCO leave-in conditioner and Camille rose butter gel, my hair loves it and I love the brands! I’ve used for years and it works wonders on my hair, great combo for a wash n go or twist out, Eden body works peppermint tea tree oil is a light oil, great for itchy scalp also because I love mint scented products.

What is your hair type?

I have low porosity hair, which means water and moisture doesn’t get to my hair easily, so on wash day I ensure my hair is fully moisturised and I apply products to hair whilst wet/damp.

Go to hairstyle?

Wash n go; with the occasional flat twists, canerows or bun (I wear these styles at work, travelling and everyday look)

How often do you wash your hair?

Every 1-2 weeks, if travelling, I will co-wash more frequently especially if going in the pool/sea.

Did you transition or big chop?

I transitioned from 2011/2012 till 2019, January 2019 was the last time I used heat and straightened my hair and in June 2019 I had my first ever curl cut when I did a semi big chop!

How often do you deep condition?

Once a month I use the 10 in 1 fruit hair masque Shea moisture and leave in for 30 minutes

Where do you get your hair cut?

London based, I get my cut by @kinsonbykizzy great natural hair stylists that loves and knows all about curls, also great at bridal hair.

Who inspires you (Hair)?

@ukcurlygirl one of the OG’s in the curly hair community from 2014 till present has been my biggest inspiration, from advice, tips and now her own business with curly hair products.

What is your hair goals?

Healthy hair, length and to inspire others to love their natural hair.

If you have questions you’d like me to answer, let me know :)

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