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Guess the Brand? #Travelsize

Featuring Boucleme - Complete Discovery Gift set

This week I tried a new hair brand, but not just any hair brand, more specifically a curly, black British, UK made, eco-friendly, sustainable and CG friendly sulphate, silicone and paraben free BRAND.

Before trying out this specific range, I have previously used the hydrating curl cleanser, all the over products have been for the first time!

And although I am not currently #TravellingWithCurls I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing the travel size..yes 100ml collection set, all my curly hair care needs in one special package with 5 different products from the range.

Where do I start

Value for money: £42.50 for x5 100ml travel size products and probably get at least 3-5 uses out of it, depending on your hair length and how much you apply to your hair, for me I’d say at least 5 uses, so great for a 2 week trip away.

Smell/Scent: Initially very citrusy and lemony, which lasted about a day, which works well for me because I’m not the biggest fan of lemon scented things, nonetheless by the end of day 1, beginning of day 2 the scent had subsided and had become much more subtle yay! This scent runs through the whole travel collection that I purchased.

Consistency: The gel is quite slippery, with great slip when I finger raked into my hair. The curl conditioner and curl cream has a slightly more creamy based texture which I brushed into my hair.

Fave product from the collection has to be the gel, because Alas I found a gel that doesn’t make my hair flake and the definition left my hair popping for 3 days before needing to refresh.

I have still yet to try the curl cleanser, so will try that when cleansing my hair next!

Results, so the brand ethos love! The shrinkage is real with these products, maybe it’s the gel, but shrinkage is a good sign right? (Also it showed how much I really need a trim and shape)

Love the definition it gave my curls, overall I would give it a 5*

Shop this lovely travel size collection, which is also available in full sizes with the link below:

You can get £10 off your order with this code

Day 1 results

Day 5 results

Thank you for reading and hope you found this useful, let me know if you’ve tried this brand before and what you thoughts and results were like.

Some links are affiliated, this is not sponsored and is all my own thoughts and hair experience.

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