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Method to the Packing!

Who enjoys packing?

This is something I struggle with, despite loving to travel, I get travel anxiety, so I like to pack/list and organise everything in advance!! Like a month - to 3 months in advance, call it crazy, I like to call it ‘organised’.

3 days 3 outfits!

I’m not a fan of packing, probably the worst part of travelling for me, but I thought I’d make it fun and video the process and who knew it would only take 17 seconds to pack!

To help alleviate my anxiety when it comes to packing for travelling, I curate a travel checklist of all the things I intend on bringing and need, from clothing items to vaccinations needed.

It literally keeps me in check, get it check..checklist.

I also research and map out the logistics of a few places of interests to visit and create mini itineraries, something I enjoy doing before reaching my destination, especially if solo travelling.

For those that may go through travel anxiety when it comes to packing or likes to have a checklist for a bit of structure, I have a PDF of my ‘winter weekend away’ checklist and can send via email, let me know and I'd be happy to share with you all.

Each checklist I curate is based on destination, climate, activities and whether I am using a backpack, carry on or check in luggage.

Who else is more of a carry on who packs like there never coming back?

Did someone say ‘one way ticket’ yesss please!!

Lea x

All photo's, videos and content by me, if used please credit.

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