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Something New

Imbue (I’m beautiful)

New brand launched this year, CG compliant hair products and 7 products in the range consisting of the below:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair mask, Leave in conditioner, Crème gel, Shine oil, Hair serum.

I used these products for my last wash and style of the year, the brand has a 4 step order on what product to use first.

Hair whilst still wet, but styled with Imbue products #IMBUEtiful

Overall favourite products from this collection would have to be the crème gel and oil, the products in the whole range is very light, which doesn’t weigh down my hair nor is the products greasy/sticky which is great! My hair feels really light and free, with definition and volume from day 1, would use these products again for a wash and go style and will try out a twist out version also.

Would’ve loved if the shampoo suds up more to feel like I am washing my hair, the masque is great and left my hair feeling soft and looking defined, the leave-in conditioner is in a spray form which is a different way of applying for me, so I sprayed into my hands and then massaged into my hair, it is quite water based, love the consistency and texture of the crème gel, my hair personally loves products like these, I then finished with the shine oil once I air dried my hair.

Scent: Sweet smelling coconut and other oils, fresh hair wash smell

Hair dry and styled #jointhecurlmovement

Ethos: Eco friendly brand, silicone, sulphate and paraben free, vegan, catering to kinks, curls and coils

Value for money: Very cost effective and affordable available in (UK) and

Travel size available: Not currently, but the brand does have the hair mask in a sachet which is travel size friendly #forthewin

Ratings out of 5: Overall rating 3*

Let me know if you’ve used this brand before and what your experience was like.

All views are from my own hair experience.

*These products were gifted

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