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Texture - Hair by Floria - Curly hair cut review

Texture Hair by Floria is new to the area, Brixton and recently opened their doors in January this year, this is the first curly hair specialist salon in the area that I am aware of, and this is fantastic for a local curly girl like myself, also it is only a few doors away from the infamous Tangle Teezer HQ.

At first I was going to check the salon out to see what it was like and meet the owner, who by the way is a lovely boss lady black woman, we had a chat/consultation and I enjoy curly hair chat so it flowed naturally; I wanted to know about the owner, the why and everything else in between; Floria (the owner) shared with me her business journey and hair journey, how she felt her hair type isn’t appreciated in society and as a result big chopped and rocks her mini fro, she specialises in colouring hair, but is an all-round natural hair stylist.

This is my 1st time visiting Texture and with an overdue trim, which has been forever pending (shameful to say almost 3 years since the last curl cut, can I blame lockdown)

They had availability, so I took the plunge on my impromptu visit and booked to have my hair cut, that very same day.

Have you ever had a curly hair cut before?

If the answer is NO, continue reading and if the answer is YES, still continue to read.

What is a curly cut?

This varies in different salons, from a dry curly cut to a wet curly cut, I’ve done both, having a curl cut is great if you wear your hair in its natural curly state as when it is being cut it is cut how you wear your hair normally, which keeps your shape/style with having healthy trims in between.

I normally wear my hair in a wash n go style, so this type of hair cut works for me and my hair.

If you’ve never been to a curl specialist before, do your research, check out the hair stylists’ reviews, socials, photos from previous clients and in the curl/natural hair community, you’ll find someone who’s been before, ask them how their experience was; continue to read below my experience at Texture Hair by Floria, hair salon located in Brixton, South London, UK.

First Impressions

Greeted with a smile, the team are warm and hospitable, I was offered refreshments on many occasions whilst I was there.

I am a very socially awkward person, yet I felt somewhat comfortable to engage in the salon chit chat, at one point we were all describing one of the customers as looking like the main character from the animation ‘Encanto’ and ‘Home’, great real-life representation her hair was gorgeous.

The music was a vibe and I found myself humming along, the décor is white and my favourite colour purple, with positive affirmations around the salon I found inspiring, which started with ‘We’re blessed with curls…’and a neon Texture sign, great insta photo opportunity (I was too shy to be that girl taking loads of selfies around the salon as it was quite busy in there with customers, hopefully next time I’ll get some insta shoots.

What service did you go in for?

I went in for a wash, cut and diffuse, reasonable price for a director stylist at £75.

My experience at Texture was having head stylist Dillan ask what I would like done, I mentioned, a trim/cut and to have more shape, but still keep length if it is healthy to do so, otherwise cut it, I’m no longer being shy about cutting my hair, after all it will grow back, I showed Dillan some pictures of my previous cut/shape as inspiration, mentioned how my roots were flat and that I would like volume/retain length.


I came in with week old hair and a braid out, so after my consultation we started with a wash and condition, Dillan was so gentle with my hair and used a detangling brush and warm water whilst washing my low porosity hair, which I later found out I have a mixture of high porosity hair, I always thought I had thick dense low porosity hair. (It is normal to have different types of hair on your crown)

This was a first for me, after I had my hair washed and conditioned, I got a wet (damp) hair cut/trim (I’ve only ever had a dry curl cut before) I went along with it and trusted the process, even though whilst I was seeing my hair get snipped away, I was nervous how it was going to look once it was dry, a much needed 2 ½ - 3 inches was cut off.

After the wet haircut, we went back to wash/style the hair whilst wet and used a few classic hair stylers that I’ve used before, a leave in conditioner and gel (cgf)

Styling and applying hair products whilst wet are a great way for your hair to get maximum moisture retention from products.

Ok, back to the chair, diffusing time, I haven’t had heat on my hair in almost 3 years, I mentioned to Dillan that I normally airdry my hair, so he gave the option of both and was happy to do what made me most comfortable, I however went with Dillan’s option and used the diffuser and dryer – Imagine a recliner chair but for diffusing, gravity is your best friend for this process, I learnt a few tips.

This is the moment I saw my hair the first time after being diffused and boyyy my curls were popping!! *happy dance* I don’t know why I shied away from using a diffuser for so long *buys one* thanks Dillan for giving me the faith in diffusers again, let’s hope it turns out the same. *fingers crossed*

Dillan left my hair looking and feeling, defined, moisturised and..little to no shrinkage, the technique of the diffuser and styling products kept my curls elongated. #washdaysucces



Conclusion: Hair dried and selfie ready, I was feeling myself, doing hair flips and running my fingers through my hair, it felt so soft, fresh, moisturised, curly popping and all round felt lighter and healthier after get rid of all those dead ends; I did mention that I’d like more shaping, but Dillan mentioned that with my hair cut the way it was, I would be able to rock my hair either way without compromising anymore length; a few days have since passed now and I secretly I wish I’d gone shorter, I’m thinking maybe a curly bob on my next hair appointment ..hmm, we’ll see; also I was advised to book in for a protein treatment as my hair needs it, and a trim in 3 months’ time.

How long did it take?

It took no longer than 1 ½ - 2 hours from start to finish (who said wash day must be a whole day)

How many stars?

Rating based on service, price, experience, location – 5 stars, I would recommend when booking to ask for Dillan or Floria, very welcoming and hospitable, ideal location for me with great transportation links if coming from afar, reasonable price £75 for a wash, cut & diffuse, overall, I would book here again.


  • Do have images to show your stylist the style and shape you would like

  • Ask questions, such as what products will you be using on my hair (cgf)

  • If you are nervous about anything, mention it to the stylist

  • Relax and enjoy, because I can’t remember the last time, I had someone do wash day for me, so I enjoyed the moment and even had my eyes closed, whilst it was getting it washed.

  • Prior to booking ask for a wet/dry curl cut if that is your preference

  • Ensure heat protector is used where necessary

Where can you find this new curl hub?

Location: 191 Stockwell Road, Brixton, London, England, SW9 9SJ, United Kingdom

Opening hours: TUE- SAT 10 :00 - 19:00

Contact: 0208 1276 636/

Check out their website for other services, as they also braid, blow dry, steam, colour, and a bonus they have a women’s only day on Tuesday’s:


If you go to visit and get your hair done after reading this blog post tag us both on Instagram @texturesalonlondon and @nanelaoflondon you will receive a FREE Nanela of London scrunchie and I’ll send it out to you.

All words are from my own experience and paraphrased from conversation from the team at Texture Hair by Floria hair salon, this is not sponsored or indorsed, but my personal paid experience.

Images/videos to be credited if used to @curl_lea_travel

Thank you for reading

Lea x

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