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Travelling with Curls – Around the world

January 2020 I came up with the idea that on my future travels I would share my experiences travelling around the world with my curly afro hair and to find hair care resources whilst abroad, so with that in mind I embarked on my solo travel trip to do that and I visited Switzerland in January.

(Have a read of #TravellingWithCurls - Switzerland blog post)

February 2020, I travelled to Italy, with limited time there, I didn’t manage to explore haircare fully, but did come across a store in Milan, however when I got there it wasn’t really curly girl friendly hair products; so if your from Italy let me know where you source your hair care, I’d love to share on my blog email me:

March 2020, Covid happened!!

April 2020, back to the drawing board, with my all my international travels being cancelled.

May, I decided to turn this idea VIRTUAL signed up to YOUTUBE and created the #TravellingWithCurls series and with the help of social media and building an amazing community on my Instagram page @curl_lea_travel where I’ve come across some really genuinely lovely people was able to travel with curls virtually and have likeminded curlies around the world share and give an insight to what it is like being curly in their country, haircare resources and sharing their hair and travel tips!

So, without further ado *DRUM ROLL*

May 2020 @theseasonsedside

Click the link below to watch the video’s, I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see and hear that the resources in a European country have such a great presence and hair care readily available online and instore.


June 2020 @janetheboss

Aruba opened my eyes and ears to excess fees and limited stock as curly is not as common on the island, so once its gone it may take a little while to get more stock shipped on the island, the pandemic Doesn’t help with shipping delays, despite that you can go to local supermarkets to find haircare.


July 2020 @fro.there

America seems to be the place where all things are birthed because the ranges and collections of hair care, you are just spoilt for choice with so many options, brands ect, the resources are readily available in local Walmart and Target stores and an endless supply online from the hair brands directly.


August 2020

The eastern curly world is growing, and it is great!! Mainly hair care resources are available online as experiences whilst living in Dubai and again shipping fees for outsourced brands being an issue.


October 2020 @ic_curly

What an eye opener destination, shared how it is not very common curly hair, but despite that and thanks to the curly girl movement and it becoming a ‘trend’ the hair care resources in Indonesia is accessible online and in stores/ hair salons; but again not ignoring the excess shipping fees.


Thank you for the amazing participants that have made this become a ‘virtual reality’ and believing in this series this will help those travelling to those countries to support local businesses and the country economy and most importantly bringing awareness to all waves, curls, kinks and coils!!

I am currently looking for someone from a country in Africa and South America, so if you or you know anyone that would like to feature and spread the curl love, sharing hair and travel tips; send me an email or DM of your country and Instagram at or @curl_lea_travel

Thank you for reading

Lea x

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